Why Is Camp Food So Uninspired!?

By Lynny Young

I subscribe to “Bon Appetit” magazine. My guy and I jokingly refer to the magazine as my food porn. In truth, I pour over the mouth-watering recipes for hours, and rarely cook a complete recipe. More importantly, the recipes offer me creative inspiration that spice up my future meals.

I’ve been researching online recipes to share as I wait for my next chance to cook outdoors. In doing so, I found many over simplified recipes accompanied by a photo of a pot full of what I have come to call three-ingredient sludge. Sigh.

In fairness, I suppose food is secondary in camping. Campers want to get outside, feel the sun on their faces, push themselves to new physical heights, and marvel at the majestic beauty of nature. Nonetheless, a delicious meal not only nourishes our bodies; it also feeds our souls. I raise my fork to these sites whose cooks didn’t let the outdoors curb their quest for good food:

Dirty Gourmet for their Roasted Cream Cheese Stuffed Peppers recipe:

Family Spice blog for Osso Buco with Beer prepared in cast-iron Dutch oven:

In closing, these recipes would make any camper’s mouth water; and I agree with the authors’ points of view: “campfire cooking is limited only by your culinary imagination.”


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